Esther's atelier

Esther Vijftigschild (24) was born and raised in Arnhem, but moved to Utrecht to study at the Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU), a place from where more Puha-designers origin. Now, Esther has developed an ever-evolving collection, in her atelier at Kanaleneiland in Utrecht, where I visit her today.

Marlou Verheijden

Marlou Verheijden (28), is a Rotterdam based designer with a very own geometric and colourful style.
She tells us about the road to finding your own style and about the magic of turning a 3D object - into a 2D object - into a 3D object again.


Craftsmanship vs style

Marius Visser

Schoonhoven is a small village near Utrecht. There, in a garage, you'll find the atelier of Marius Mees Visser (22), the designer of the brand MEES. In this tiny working space, Marius cuts and stitches his leather Rollit bags all by himself.